Photographing the Northern Lights

This talk documents a visit made to Southern Iceland to photograph the Northern Lights.

  • What are the Northern lights?

  • Planning a trip

  • Technical considerations

  • Experiences

  • Tips

The presentation includes several images and time lapse videos from the trip

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Nightscape Photography

This talk, which lasts around 60 minutes, provides an overview of the techniques used to capture night images and star trails using a standard off-the-shelf digital SLR

  • Planning
    Subjects, apps, weather
  • Equipment
    Camera, tripod
  • Tips
    Basic settings, safety

The talk includes examples of basic processing techniques using Photoshop

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Porth Ysgaden
Andromeda Galaxy



Deep sky Astrophotography

A talk giving an overview of the process of acquiring deep sky images

  • Prepartion
    Choosing a target, weather, equipment
  • Setting up
    Camera, mount, focussing, tracking
  • Taking the image
    Dithering, H alpha, colour
  • Closing down
    Mount, humidity, frost

The talk includes deomonstrtations of simple processing techniques

There is a follow up talk showing the full processing of colour image from raw data

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